CBD Hunters Guide | How much CBD should i be taking?

Dosing Do's & Don'ts!

Getting your CBD dosing right is a critical step, but doesn’t need to be complicated. Once you’ve got a basic understanding, you’re all set. But before deciding how much to take, you need to understand how much you’re buying. So let’s start with the basics of understanding what you’re buying.

Where the strength on the bottle is shown in mg, this is the strength of CBD contained in the whole bottle. Edible products such as gummies, with a specified number of items in the bottle, will usually show the strength per gummy.

CBD oil strengths start anywhere from around 250mg bottles, all the way up to over 3,000mg bottles. As mentioned above, the strength is telling you how much CBD content is in the whole bottle. To work out how much CBD is in each drop is easy; simply divide the strength in mg by the number of drops in a bottle. A 10ml bottle will contain 200 drops. So let’s say your 10ml bottle strength is 500mg, you would divide 500 by 200, to give you 2.5mg of CBD in each drop. In a 20ml bottle of 500mg strength, you’d get 400 drops, which would give you 1.25mg per drop.

As a general rule of thumb, you should start low and work your way up until the desired effect is achieved. Remember, you won't experience any high and there shouldn't be any side effects, but starting off on a high dosage will use more of the product than may be necessary and the aim is to introduce CBD OIl to your ECS gradually. Start low, and gradually increase your intake until you feel the benefits. This way, you’ll know how much CBD is the right amount for you, and can monitor your results and intake accurately. A good starting point is to take around 6mg per day. Whether you take this in one go or split throughout the day is your choice. The key with CBD Oil is definitely consistency so long as you’re taking it every day and keeping a steady flow in your system, there’s no right or wrong. It’s all about finding what works for you, everybody is different! It is not recommended to take it immediately before or after food, however, to ensure maximum impact.