Buying CBD edibles UK 
Our range of high quality CBD infused edibles includes yummy CBD gummies & CBD Chocolate that are a tasty alternative to CBD oil. Our CBD sweets are available in a range of different flavours, sizes and strengths, including CBD gummy bears, hard CBD sweets, CBD stars and more. All our CBD edibles have been extracted and infused using the latest technology when it comes to the production of CBD edibles in the UK, leaving our customers with not only a delicious and mouth watering treat but some of the best quality CBD you are likely to find in any CBD products in the UK..
Browse our full range of CBD infused edibles today to pick up a sweet CBD treat!
What are CBD edibles?
CBD edibles are CBD infused sweets such as CBD gummy bears and CBD chocolates that contain mid-high levels of Cannabidiol.
What is the difference between CBD edibles and CBD oil?
CBD edibles are CBD infused sweets that contain other ingredients, as well as CBD. They can be just as effective as Cannabis oils and will generally contain more CBD per sweet than one drop of Cannabis oil. CBD edibles such as CBD gummies & CBD hard sweets are ideal for those who have a sweet tooth and love the health benefits that CBD brings.
Should I be eating CBD?
CBD is perfectly safe to be ingested when in edible or oil form. CBD itself is not harmful but should not be ingested when used in products such as E-liquids, which are not safe to ingest.
How much CBD is in an edible?
The strength of each CBD edible will differ depending on the total strength in the pack and the number of CBD edibles in the pack. CBD sweets are usually mid – high strength and can range from 10mg of CBD per sweet, anywhere up to 30mg of CBD per sweet.
Why should I try CBD edible products?
CBD is available in many different forms and it’s important to find the product that works best for you. CBD infused edibles are a great option for anyone who is looking for high levels of CBD in one dose or a tasty alternative form of CBD altogether. Our CBD sweets taste like regular gummies while still providing high quality CBD.