Why is CBD oil so expensive?

Why is CBD oil so expensive?


One thing you might have noticed in your search for pure CBD oil is that there are a lot of variations out there. Possibly the most noticeable variant between products is the substantial difference in price. Some retailers offer bargain basement prices, while others seem to charge a small fortune for their CBD oil extract. But why is CBD oil expensive? Is all CBD oil the same, or is there an element of “you get what you pay for” that we can apply? We will look at the difference between cheap and expensive CBD oil and help you to spot high quality products for the right price.  

Is there a difference between cheap and expensive CBD oil?  

In a word, yes. CBD can be sourced and extracted using a wide range of methods. Some extraction methods provide a safer, higher quality oil than others, but involve more costly equipment and processing. For example, methods that use solvents to extract CBD will usually be priced at the lower end of the scale, but will contain chemicals such as butane, ethanol and chlorophyll. Using C02 to extract CBD is a much safer option that produces the best CBD oil, but will usually be priced at the top end of the scale.  

Being aware of false claims  

Some retailers advertise that their oils are made using a supercritical C02 extraction method but are priced below average for similar oils from their competitors. This is unfortunately because the market for CBD is not currently strictly regulated and, as with any new product entering the market, some unethical retailers will use the lowest quality products to offer the lowest price and attract the most customers. This gives a bad name to CBD as the products are often ineffective. The best way to weed out the mis-labelled CBD oiextract is to ensure that the retailer can offer 3rd party lab testing. Pure CBD oil that has been analysed by a third party will receive certification that it is safe, legal and contains the advertised levels of CBD & THC. Never buy CBD from a retailer than cannot provide this guarantee.  


Another way to recognise a high-quality brand is by their glowing customer reviews. If most customers report bad experiences with CBD from a particular retailer, there is a good chance that this isn’t a high-quality product. Customers that leave good reviews will only do so if they have seen good results from their product and good results usually mean a good product! Check the retailer’s website for product reviews as well as external sources such as Google when searching for the best CBD oil 

Getting value for money 

While higher quality pure CBD oil will be more expensive to buy, it is a worthy investment if results are what you are looking for. To spend a small amount of money on an ineffective product is a waste of money, even if it is only a small amount! There are a few different ways to get the best prices on the best CBD oil, such as looking out for discount codes, signing up to company newsletters and following your favourite retailers on social media for competitions, giveaways and discounts.  

If you really want to benefit from the difference between cheap and expensive CBD oil extract, shop around, look for evidence of quality and keep your eyes peeled for those discounts!