CBD - What Side Effects Can I Expect?

CBD - What Side Effects Can I Expect?

As you would with any health supplement, it's a good idea to carry out research on all aspects of CBD; including possible side effects. When taking anything for potential health benefits, the last thing you want to do is "go in blind" and cause yourself different, or even additional problems. CBD is not only a health supplement, it's a relatively new health supplement that has undergone few tests and is still subject to some negative views and stereotypical opinions. This could be because of the slightly controversial fact that CBD is derived from the Cannabis plant and is therefore often considered in the same category as the Class B drug, Marijuana. If you have already done some research, you'll know that - while CBD does indeed originate from the cannabis plant - it is in fact legal, none-addictive and none-psychoactive. Hopefully the research you have already done has led you here, however if you're unsure on the basics, try reading about CBD for beginners. The important thing to note on this subject is that legal CBD for sale in the UK does not carry the same properties or risks as Marijuana. Possible side effects of CBD are therefore separate from those already known in Cannabis. 

Have Side Effects Been Reported?

CBD has not yet undergone thorough scientific evaluation. This means that reported benefits and side effects are based on user experience rather than controlled or monitored tests. While user's experiences should not be discounted, statistics around the true effects of CBD are not available which makes it difficult to verify the exact effects that could occur. Furthermore, as with any supplement, possible side effects are not guaranteed; just a possibility. That is to say that not everyone's experience with CBD will be the same, and both the benefits and side effects will be truly personal to the user. For example, some people report relief from symptoms of nausea, while others report nausea as a side effect of CBD.

Most users report beneficial results of CBD, with few users reporting negative side effects. The side effects that are reported are not specific; that is to say there are none reported from taking CBD that haven't been reported in other supplements already. Some of the reported symptoms could also be caused by other factors in the user's environment, and only continued use would confirm if CBD was the cause. One thing to consider if you do experience any new reactions, is the quality and origin of the product you've bought. When you buy CBD in the UK, be sure to check for a reputable retailer who is regulated by a regulatory body such as Cannapro. With the growing popularity of CBD in the UK, retailers are using impure CBD oil that is not extracted correctly, or that doesn't contain the ingredients listed on the bottle. Different extraction methods, carrier oils and quality of CBD can all cause unwanted side effects. Cannapro regulates all CBD suppliers to ensure they meet a certain criteria, and you can be sure you're buying safe, quality products from a certified company such as CBD Hunters. 

What Side Effects Have Been Reported? 

Some of the side effects reported are fairly typical of supplements:

  • Nausea
  • Irritability 
  • Fatigue 
  • Drowsiness
  • Changes in appetite
  • Diarrhoea 

Reports are rare, however and could be impacted by other factors separate from CBD. Not everyone will experience even one of these symptoms and many will experience only positive results, however if you find yourself struggling with any of these or any other side effects, you should assess the following:

  • The source of your product - was it from a reputable, regulated company? 
  • The extraction method - were any chemicals involved in the extraction of your CBD?
  • The carrier oil - Could you try a product with a different carrier oil?
  • Your dose - Are you taking too much? 
  • Other medication - Are you taking any medication that should not be taken with CBD?

While there are no dangerous effects of CBD, if you are concerned about any side effect you are experiencing, you should stop taking the supplement. You could consider a different product; remember that there is a wide variety of CBD products  available; all of which will have different effects. Each person is different and will respond differently to each product. Every ECS will also respond differently to the next, and this is important to remember as well.