CBD - What dosage is right for me?


Introduction to dosing

How much CBD should I take? A common question amongst those who have heard of the many benefits of CBD, but are yet to try it out for themselves. There is no one answer to suit everyone, which explains why there is such a wide variety of CBD products and strengths available.

There is, however, a simple guideline to follow in order to find the right dosing levels for you. Your body has it's very own endocannabinoid system - or ECS - which is unique to you alone. It's therefore unrealistic to expect to achieve the same results as someone else, simply by taking the same product and strength as they do.

The dosage that works for you will depend upon how your body responds to CBD, your current health circumstances, and what you're taking it for. The results you get will ultimately rely on getting your dosage right. Taking too much or too little CBD will have a negative impact on its' effectiveness and eliminate the purpose of taking CBD at all. You may then find yourself asking Why doesn't CBD work for me? 

The good news is that calculating your dosage doesn't have to be difficult or over-complicated, but the benefits of getting it right could make a drastic change to your life. 

Understanding how much you're taking 

The best place to start, before even considering how much CBD you need to take, is to get a basic understanding of the levels in the products you're looking at. CBD content should always be clearly labelled on every product; whether it's an oil, gummies, skin cream, e-liquid or chocolate. The content shown on the label is usually the strength of the whole product, not per serving (although gummies will often show the strength per sweet and detail the number of gummies in a pack.) As an example, a bottle of oil with 500mg strength will contain 500mg of CBD in the whole bottle, regardless of the bottle's volume. To work out the strength per drop would therefore require a simple calculation based on the number of drops contained in the bottle. As a general rule, a 10ml bottle contains 200 drops, a 20ml bottle contain 400 drops, a 30ml bottle 600 drops and so on. This means that a bottle of 500mg strength oil will contain more CBD per drop when sold in a 10ml bottle than in a 30ml bottle. This explains why larger bottles often seem much better value for money for what appears to be the same strength. 

The calculation is to divide the total strength of the bottle by the number of drops contained in it.

For example, the calculation for a 10ml bottle of oil with a 500mg strength would be 500mg ÷ 200 drops = 2.5mg of CBD per drop. 

This calculation may be a little more difficult for products such as skin creams because there is no dropper. A simple way to work it out would be to swap number of drops for number of ml. For example, 500mg ÷ 30ml  = 16mg per ml. If you were to apply 1ml per day, this would give you a 16mg dose of skin cream per day. 

Working out your own dose

Once you have a basic understanding of how much CBD you would be getting per drop / ml / gummy, you can begin to think about how much CBD you want to take yourself. The best way to do this is with the uptitration method. This involves starting on a very low dose, and gradually increasing your intake until you reach the optimum level of benefit. We would recommend taking a low dose for approximately 14 days to begin with, to give your ECS a chance to absorb the CBD and distribute it to the receptors in your body.  

You should then assess how you feel, increase the dose if necessary and continue with this process every 5-7 days; increasing by a small amount each time. This may seem like a long time to wait before really starting to feel the benefit of CBD, however this first month or so is crucial to the effects CBD will have in the future. Rush the process, and you could end up taking too much which could reduce effectiveness for you. 

You should start to notice benefits even before you find the optimum level, however the optimum level is when the desired effect has been completely achieved. Again, this will depend on the main reason for taking CBD and will differ for each person & condition. For example, you may require a higher level of CBD for pain than you would for anxiety. The important point to note at this stage is that, as soon as the you're feeling the full benefits of your CBD product, you no longer need to increase the dose because you've found your optimum dose level. Remember, the ECS only requires very small amounts of CBD for it to become effective, and taking more than you need is more costly and could raise the amount your body needs for it to be effective.

So, have patience with your results and dose gradually for the best possible results from your CBD.