CBD & The Sublingual Method - The Facts

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CBD is available in a range of different forms. Oils, E-liquids, Creams & Edibles are just some of the products that are available. The method you use to get your daily dose will depend on what you're taking it for, how much you're taking and, of course, what works best for you. Today we're going to talk about sublingual administration of CBD; placing drops of oil under the tongue. CBD oil tinctures are still one of the most popular forms of CBD, but we're going to look into exactly how this method works, and how it compares to other methods. Remember, everyone is different and will respond differently to each form of CBD & method of administration.

What does sublingual mean?

Sublingual administration may sound complicated but, in reality, it simply means that drops of the oil are placed under the tongue and allowed to absorb into the bloodstream for a few minutes.


Why is the sublingual method so effective?

You'd be forgiven for assuming that, so long as the CBD gets into your body, it doesn't make much difference how it gets in there. There is no right or wrong method, and the most effective method for you will depend on a lot of different factors that are personal to you alone. For example, some may prefer a steady, frequent low dose of CBD throughout the day, which could be achieved with an e-liquid, while others will opt for two or three higher doses at set times.

The main benefit of sublingual administration is that the oil is absorbed through a thin layer of skin, and soaks directly into the bloodstream. By directing the oil straight into the bloodstream rather than swallowing it, it enters the system quickly and is not broken down by stomach acid when it finally reaches its destination. The same is true for CBD E-liquids, however the dose is usually much lower with each inhalation, as such a small amount of CBD is vaporised in the vape pen. The sublingual method allows for quick absorption into the bloodstream, without compromising strength.

How do I take my CBD oil sublingually?

Once you have determined the dose you would like to take, simply fill up the dropper in your tincture and place the required number of drops underneath your tongue. You may find it helpful to use a mirror to see the drops going in, as it is not always easy to feel the drops hitting your mouth. Put your tongue back down and hold the oil under the tongue for around two minutes. During this time, the oil is being absorbed into your bloodstream. Try to resist the urge to swallow at this time so that you can absorb the maximum amount of oil into your system. After a few minutes, swallow the little residue of oil that's left in your mouth and carry on with your day!

To experience a more effective ingestion, you could opt for a higher strength bottle of oil which will reduce the number of drops required for your desired dose, and result in less residue left in your mouth after absorption.