CBD Oil For Reducing Emotional Impact Of Covid-19

CBD Oil For Reducing Emotional Impact Of Covid-19


Description: Our emotions are a product of our mental health, and so if you are not okay mentally, you are bound to have emotions all over the place. The Covid-19 pandemic has just made all these issues more prevalent, so can we curb these effects by using CBD oil for emotional impact?

When the Coronavirus hit in late 2019, no one had anticipated the emotional impact it has had on us today. Usually, when there is a disease outbreak in one region of the globe, it was contained and sorted out in no time, but not with COVID-19. This was different!

Once the virus was halfway through the world, the uncertainty started kicking in, and everyone went into panic mode. The supermarkets’ shelves began to show the impact of people’s anxiety as some items like sanitizers and tissue papers became scarce. The worst part became the lockdown implementations across the board, which saw millions of people losing their incomes.

Now, this is where the majority started spiraling downwards emotionally.

No jobs, no money, no food, no medicine, and most scary, the health care systems became overwhelmed. The very sector that we all thought of to save us was also in shambles. Something needs to be done, and fast!

This brings us to our focal question - is CBD oil a viable solution to uplift our emotions to cope better with the COVID-19  impact caused? Let’s drill into that.

What is CBD Oil, and What Can it do to Help with the COVID-19 Emotional Impact?

CBD oil is an extract from the hemp plant, and it has quite a portfolio of positive medicinal effects on humans and other vertebrates. CBD oil, usually called the green gold, has been the point of focus in so many medical fields as CBD benefits pan from reducing inflammation to pain-relieving to mood booster and regulating hormonal imbalance, among many more.

So how can CBD oil help with the impact of emotions when it comes to dealing with COVID-19?:

Curbing anxiety and depression


Anxiety is when you have a cloud of uncertainty hanging over the head. And the pandemic brought about the perfect storm for this to happen. CBD oil for emotional impact is effective as it helps with the production of serotonin inside the brain. The serotonin chemical has the effect of invoking happiness and well-being, which reduces anxiety and depression. CBD oil also has a commendable feature of balancing out hormones, in this case, cortisol, the stress hormone. When the levels are regulated, we are happier and less stressed.

It may not solve the issues directly, but CBD oil cushions the impact and helps you feel better as you brainstorm on ways to better deal with the pandemic.

Curbing insomnia

Undeniably, it is hard to sleep while you have no idea how to secure next month’s rent let alone, your family’s next meal. But then again, without sleep, we become irritable, we cannot concentrate, which could even lead to depression in the long run. As humans, we need our sleep.  CBD oil products like CBD syrup can help put us to sleep.

Help to treat PTSD

COVID-19 has claimed millions of lives, and today at least one person has lost a friend, family, or someone they know to the virus, which could result in PTSD. Someone suffering from PTSD experiences nightmares, tremors, flashbacks, and intrusive thoughts, among many undesirable effects.

Research supports that when dealing with CBD oil for emotional impact to curb PTSD, it was evident that an oral dose of CBD oil incorporated with other psychiatric medication was effective. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine was the report that supported this. People who have been affected by PTSD due to the virus now have a better chance at recovery.

How to take CBD Oil for Emotional Impact

Someone’s emotional state is not something we can gauge by just looking at a person. That is why it is paramount that a professional is consulted before taking CBD oil for emotional impact.

After the assessment, one will know where their mental health is at, ensuring that they become better at discerning coronavirus symptoms, know what to do, and when to seek coronavirus treatment. And this is applied to the person and the people around. All in all, below are a few ways on how to use CBD oil for emotional impact:

  •     Vaping or smoking
  •     Ingesting as medication (capsules)
  •     Edibles as pastries
  •     Sublingually as CBD oil tinctures and drops

While getting the CBD oil products, find out how long does CBD oil take to work regarding your condition for best results.

Closing remarks

Covid-19 has taken a toll on the whole world, so we need to take care of ourselves to see tomorrow. It has always been survival for the fittest, so why not use CBD oil for emotional impact for a positive and optimistic forecast?

But always remember to get assessed before you start using CBD oil to ease the emotional impact brought about by COVID-19.

Share your experience or questions below.

Author's Bio: Rachel Hudson is a health and wellness professional with over fifteen years of experience.  She writes for a variety of online and in-print publications that are read by thousands of readers. Rachel aims to share her gathered lifestyle advice in order to inspire people to live the healthiest and most fulfilling life possible.