CBD Oil for Migraines and Headaches: Latest Research, Benefits, Legality and More

CBD Oil for Migraines and Headaches: Latest Research, Benefits, Legality and More


Description: Migraines are debilitating to your overall health. This article seeks to explore everything from benefits to the legitimacy of CBD for migraines and headaches. 

The increased legalization of medical cannabis has brought more light to cannabidiol therapeutic effects. You can extract CBD from the cannabis and hemp plant. Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive. CBD health benefits are not limited to relieving pain and anti-inflammation.

At one point in your life, you've had a migraine or a headache. A headache causes head pain that lasts a few hours, and people use painkillers. But a migraine is excruciating pain, mainly at the front or one side of your head. A migraine cannot be treated with painkillers alone and lasts up to a few days. Symptoms like nausea and vomiting accompany a migraine. It makes you weak, and the only thing you can do is lie down. .

Although prescription medication can reduce migraine symptoms, most of them have harmful side effects that leave you feeling worse. Some of these medications are also addictive. For that reason, researchers have been looking at CBD as an alternative and better treatment method for migraines.

What Does The Research Say?

Studies show that you can use medical pot to:

  •   Relieve pain
  •   Manage nausea
  •   Reduce inflammation
  •   Anti-convulsive properties.

A review published in Frontiers in Pharmacology shows cannabidiol can treat chronic pain and insomnia, and reduce inflammation.

A study published in ACCP journals on evaluating the effect of medical cannabis on migraines in adults revealed that the migraines' frequency reduced significantly. However, the study did not investigate cannabidiol. This shows that more studies and clinical trials on cannabidiol are needed.

User reviews suggest the following as the best CBD strains for migraine and headache treatment because they are rich in cannabidiol:

  •   OG Kush
  •   ACDC
  •   Harlequin
  •   Purple Kush

You can also opt to use the best CBD massage oil. This helps relieve your body of stress, thus, reducing the severity of your migraine. Above are the symptoms of migraines, and when treated, the severity of your migraine is diminished. However, there isn't sufficient proof to answer the query - can CBD oil work for headaches and migraines? This is because of the legal restrictions placed by the federal government on studies involving the cannabis plant.

How does CBD Oil Benefit People with Migraines? 

Although there is no definite evidence showing how cannabidiol oil can be used for migraines, several theories have cropped up. According to one theory, cannabidiol links with your body's CB1 and CB2 receptors to maintain stability or homeostasis.

Another theory suggests that CBD helps in maintaining a high level of anandamide, which reduces the activation of your body's pain receptors when it's in high quantities. Anecdotal evidence shows a link between the body's immune system and cannabidiol, thus, reducing inflammation.

How to Take CBD Oil

You can use cannabidiol by:

  •   Infusing it into your drinks and food
  •   Ingesting it in capsule form
  •   Spraying
  •   Putting two or three drops under your tongue
  •   Vaping, but sometimes it's dangerous to your respiratory system.

You might be wondering when to take CBD for migraines; the best time is at the migraines' onset. As soon as you detect the signs of a migraine, use CBD oil or apply CBD migraine balm at your temples.

Is CBD Legal?


Hemp and hemp-derived products were legalized under the 2018 Farm Bill, but the government stipulated that their THC concentration must remain below 0.03%. 

However, the legality of CBD and other products derived from pot plants differ from state to state. Therefore, before buying any cannabidiol products, check to see if it is legal in your state.

Final Thoughts

If you are considering taking CBD for migraines, first talk with your doctor for a way forward. It is also important to note that not all CBD products in the market are safe. Therefore, perform your due diligence on the products before settling for one. Another critical step is to check the legality of CBD in your region.

Have you used CBD for migraines? Please share your experience. You can post your comments and questions in the comment section.

Author’s Bio: Chele is a marijuana enthusiast and owns a CBD e-commerce shop; thus, she spends the best part of her day researching CBD. Having suffered from migraines, Chele appreciates how CBD has helped her prevent the migraine from getting worse. She also notes that after she began taking CBD, her anxiety has diminished.