Insomnia; whether it’s not being able to drift off, waking up repeatedly throughout the night or experiencing a generally poor quality of sleep, insomnia can severely affect a person’s day to day life. Without the required rest, both body and mind are seriously compromised and this can cause more long term issues. The long term effects of not getting the right amount of sleep often include decreased concentration levels, increased irritability levels, extreme fatigue, confusion and even mental health problems such as anxiety & depression.


The answer to feeling better is simple – a good night’s sleep – but when insomnia causes anxiety, and anxiety causes insomnia, where does the cycle break? Something has to give before one symptom improves and gives way to the other. Often, the first suggestion is to take sleeping tablets which enable a forced slumber; therefore improving sleep and, in turn, improving the symptoms associated with lack of it. However, sleeping tablets can be addictive and regularly come with a range of side effects which could result in replacing one nasty symptom with another. They don't treat the cause of the insomnia, but instead force the patient into a sleep that they will be unlikely to achieve without the tablets in the future. Finding the lesser of two evils shouldn’t be a task when taking steps to improve quality of life.

What if there is a natural solution that can reduce fatigue and anxiety, while improving sleep quality at the same time? No tablets, no side effects and no intrusive routines that affect partners and bed times. The best possible solution is to improve not only the quality of sleep, but to also treat the cause and reduce other symptoms too.


CBD naturally causes the body to relax; a simple but important factor to drifting off to sleep. By working together with your ECS, CBD also causes sleep inducing hormones to be released, therefore helping you to drop off naturally. Regularly adding cannabinoids to your endocannabinoidsystem helps your body to achieve a state of homoeostasis. By increasing levels of serotonin and melatonin, CBD speaks to your brain to remind it that sleep is needed, and even helps it get into the right state to achieve it. Furthermore, CBD helps you to stay asleep by improving REM; possibly the most important stage of the sleep process which is often skipped because of factors such as stress.


As with treating any ailment with CBD, it is advised to start off with a low dose and gradually increase it until the desired effect is achieved. We recommend starting with 15mg once per day or 5-10mg twice per day. For treating insomnia, it is advised to take the full dose before bed. As full spectrum CBD contains only a trace of THC, there are no psychoactive properties so it is completely safe to use.

Recommended Products

CBD Balm
Rub into the temples as
part of your bedtime routine.

CBD balms are great for treating external ailments including skin troubles and pain. Rubbing balm into your temples at night as part of your bedtime routine could also help to soothe and relax you, and contribute to a more relaxing slumber. The balm is best used in conjunction with an oil or edible product for maximum results, and is ideal for someone who wants to combat insomnia but also has an external ailment they want to treat.

CBD Chocolates -
Dissolve under the tongue
for strong,
effective relief.

Edibles are a great alternative to oil as they are strong and taste a little better. These white chocolates contain 50mg each and a pack will last 20 - 40 nights, depending on whether you decide to halve the chocolates or not. Halving the chocolates would give you 25mg of CBD per night which is a similar dose to taking 5-6 drops of oil. These edibles are from the Broad Sectrum range and therefore contain only CBD. While Full Spectrum products contain a range of other cannabinoids and are therefore more effective, some people prefer to take broad spectrum for a number of reasons.

Full Spectrum Oil -
A best seller. Dissolve under
the tongue for lasting results.

The full spectrum oil is a firm favourite. It's tried and tested on a variety of different ailments with some amazing results so far. Once the oil is in your system, it improves the way your ECS speaks to the receptors in your brain and will go where it's needed - so to speak. The oils are a great all rounder and are available in a range of strengths, although the 1200mg seems to be the preferred strength for the majority of users. The oil is easier to dose than the chocolates, as the dose can be determined by a number of drops. The higher the dose per bottle, the higher the dose per drop and it's easy to increase or decrease accordingly.