CBD advice

While the popularity of CBD products is on the rise, so is misinformation, fake news and misunderstanding. From rumours to doubts, CBD is open to a lot of criticism and scaremongering; particularly from those who haven't done their research. This causes the people who are doing their research to stumble upon poor advice, make poor decisions and, receive an ultimately poor experience with CBD overall.

It's difficult to find reliable information; with the internet awash with false information and bogus medical claims. With some sellers claiming it to be a "miracle cure" for everything, and doubters claiming it's "drugs", the truth may lie somewhere in between to provide a 'happy medium' product that you can rely on. But first, you need to separate the fact from the fiction to avoid misunderstanding. In this article we are going to take a look into the real fact and fiction behind CBD and the Cannabis industry - starting with the facts.

CBD Advice

  1. Cannabidiol is derived from the Cannabis Plant

Fact! There at least 113 different Cannabinoids found in the Cannabis plant, each exhibiting different effects. The most notable Cannabinoid being the phytocannabinoid Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This is the psychoactive compound that is responsible for the user experiencing the feeling of a high. The other well known compound found in the Marijuana plant is Cannabidiol (CBD). This cannabinoid is non psychoactive, meaning it does not cause the user to feel a `high.' In fact it is thought to have great therapeutic properties, which is leading to its rise in the public eye in recent times.

  1. CBD is illegal in the UK

Fiction! There are many misconceptions in the UK surrounding CBD, including what is legal, and what is not. CBD itself is not an illegal substance, but many CBD products contain small traces of THC. This is found in Full Spectrum products, however, as long as the level of THC is less than 0.2% (the UK legal limit), it is well within the law. Before you ask "Where can I buy CBD", you should always consider the legality. A good way to get peace of mind is to make sure you purchase from a certified business and a seller that can provide full lab reports for all of their products. This way, you know exactly what the contents of the bottle are before using the product to make sure it is all legal and safe.

  1. It's addictive

Fiction! A common question that always comes up surrounding CBD is whether it has addictive properties. This could be due to its association with cannabis. The short answer is no.

CBD is 100% non addictive - in fact, it's a great chance for people to experience all of the benefits of this fantastic plant, without any of the side effects associated with smoking Cannabis in its illegal form. CBD can often be put in the same category as its cousin, THC because it originates from the same plant, but it is not known to be used for recreational use and is not addictive. Users may miss the medical benefits of CBD when they stop taking it, but will not experience any withdrawal symptoms.

  1. It will get me high.

Fiction! Again, CBD is non psychoactive so it will not cause the user to feel a high of any sort. THC is the active ingredient in the cannabis plant that causes the user to feel psychoactive effects. While THC is found in Full Spectrum CBD products, the levels found in legal Full Spectrum CBD products (less than 0.2%) are so low that it's not possible to feel high.

  1. I can take it while driving.

Fact! Unlike alcohol and THC, CBD is perfectly safe to take before driving. CBD can actually work in the other way and actually help to dampen the psychoactive effects of THC. That is to say that your judgement and vision remain unimpaired when taking CBD. Saying this, it is always a good idea to start on a low dose, just to make sure there are no side effects for you, as every person's experience will differ. There are very few known side effects and the ones reported are very minor, it is better to test how your own body responds before operating heavy machinery or driving. On the whole however, CBD will not have any dangerous effects when it comes to operating a motor vehicle or any other heavy machinery.

Using CBD while driving

  1. All products should come with lab reports.

Fact! This is correct, and is one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing a CBD retailer. All CBD products, whether purchased from the high street or online, should be backed up with a 3rd party lab report. It's important that lab test is carried out by a third party so that the results are accurate, unbiased and, most importantly, genuine. The lab report will tell you exactly what's in the bottle and if what you're buying is legal and high quality. There is more and more CBD being sold across the UK; a lot of it with no lab reports to back up what level or quality of CBD is actually inside the bottle. Always look out for reports and certified companies. If you are a bit unsure, pop over to the CannaPro website for a list of certified businesses.

  1. There are side effects

Fact! This is also correct. CBD can cause side effects, however these side effects are very mild and range from a dry mouth to reduced appetite and occasionally even diarrhoea. Even though CBD oil side effects are pretty rare, it could be worth thinking about and taking the right paths when it comes to dosing. Always start low and gradually work your way up to as much as you feel your body needs. Remember that side effects are rare and are not dangerous or psychoactive. They can sometimes be caused by taking too much CBD before you've built it up in your system, which is why we always advise to start low, and increase gradually, rather than looking for the strongest CBD oil for sale from the off.

The effects of CBD

  1. My body has an endocannabinoid system

Fact! Every mammalian body has an endocannabinoid system, or ECS, that runs through the body. It is a biological system made up of endocannabinoids.The two main receptors throughout the body - CB1 and CB2 - react to cannabinoids when they are ingested. CBD can help stimulate these receptors, which are said to lead to positive effects throughout the body which they help to regulate. CBD can increase anandamide in the body, also known as the "bliss molecule". Anandamide is known to help with pleasure and general motivation. It is also known to cause Homeostasis by stimulating the endocannabinoid system.

Homeostasis basically means your body is performing to its maximum ability and refers to stability and balance. Simply put, homeostasis is a good place for your body to be at. It's safe to say that keeping your ECS happy is in your health's best interest!


So now you have looked at just a few of the facts and fiction surrounding, you should be able to take all this new information into consideration before purchasing or taking CBD for the first time. Always do your research properly, ask questions and make sure all the information you are reading is responsibly sourced. The more you know, the better, and the level of knowledge you have could be the difference between choosing a high quality CBD product, and wasting money on uncertified, un-tested oils with little to no benefit at all.