Best CBD Oil in the UK for Coping During the Pandemic

Best CBD Oil in the UK for Coping During the Pandemic

A global pandemic + a national lockdown = rising stress levels: what's the best CBD oil in the UK to help? 

Here we look at some coping mechanisms and the best CBD oil in the UK for helping to combat stress. 

The pandemic, which began in the UK in 2020, has certainly turned the world as we know it upside down. Between lockdowns, tier systems, rule breaking, a strained NHS and even deaths, it's safe to say that 'normal' doesn't look quite the same as it did 12 months ago. Along with the changes, new rules, new expectations and requirements come a whole host of new challenges, too. 

In the third UK lockdown, it's difficult to see an end in sight and feelings of loneliness, demotivation and anxiety are definitely kicking in. With pubs and gyms closed, social activity is severely limited and our usual avenues of winding down and escaping the pressure of day-to-day life have been closed. With the added stress of a global pandemic to think about, escaping is more important now than ever before. Adding the loss of routine to this stress makes it seem even more difficult to keep going; we're all just muddling through in the best way we can. 

But wellbeing is crucial right now; we need to look after our immune systems and keep a close eye on both our physical and mental health - something that is made both more important, but also more difficult by the pandemic. 


So how do I manage my stress during this difficult time? 

If the additional stress levels and loneliness are having a severe effect on your mental health, always seek medical help from a professional. Reach out as soon as possible, and never suffer in silence. 

We have a few simple suggestions that can help to manage stress levels and protect your wellbeing. 

Socialising Alternatives

Don't lock yourself away! You may not be able to pop in for a cuppa, but that doesn't mean you can't still enjoy a brew together. Arrange video calls, group video calls and regular chats with the people you miss the most. To make it a little more fun, you could enjoy a coffee & a slice of cake at the same time or even some lunch as you catch up. 

Missing daily excercise?

Outdoor exercise is still permitted, and just going outside for a 30 minute walk once a day will help to blow the cobwebs away. Take a walk, jog or run for some fresh air and exercise! Not only will you release some endorphins, but a change of scenery can really help to avoid "cabin fever" when you're spending so much time at home. If a walk just isn't cutting it, and you usually get much more done at the gym, why not do some home workouts using YouTube videos for inspiration? 

Making healthier food choices

If your normal routine has been compromised, your meal planning might have slipped as well. This can encourage the use of convenience foods, takeaway foods and unhealthy snacks, which are all fine in moderation but can have a detrimental effect on your mental health when they are consumed as the staple of a diet. Ensure you're still preparing healthy meals and eating plenty of fruit and vegetables to keep your blood sugar levels, and therefore moods, balanced.


Natural remedies

CBD oil can compliment the above suggestions and promote natural relief from some of the symptoms and side effects of stress. More and more people are now looking to CBD products such as CBD oils, CBD edibles and CBD flower in the UK. Some users already take CBD for general wellbeing purposes, but it is also believed to be beneficial for management of anxiety, sleep, pain, inflammation and blood sugar levels. CBD is available in a variety of forms and can be taken in a number of ways, meaning that optimal results can be achieved for most people; no matter what their preferences or requirements. 

What is the best CBD oil in the UK?

Finding a CBD product that's right for you is crucial for results. The best CBD oil in the UK will be responsibly sourced using high quality Cannabidiol, will have no added chemicals or ingredients and will be Co2 extracted. When it comes to your daily dosing of CBD there are many different approaches you can take, but to for optimal results we advise to always use the micro dosing method. This involves staggering your drops through out the day; taking two to three in the morning to give you that much needed added boost to help kick start your day, then mid afternoon be sure to take another couple of drops to keep that healthy flow of CBD in your bloodstream, and of course last thing at night just before bed to make sure you are getting good quality nights' sleep that everybody needs to recharge the batteries and feel fully rested and alert. 


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As stressful and unpredictable as the world is right now, it will eventually settle down. In the meantime, take care of yourself as best as you can so that you're at your very best when we finally come out the other side!