CBD Hunters- Fruity and Irresistible Strawberry CBD Vape Juice

CBD Hunters look to be your leading source for CBD products including gummies, vaping liquids, lotions and balms.
At CBD Hunters we have an assortment of exciting flavours of vape juice, along with classic
flavours like  strawberry. Whether you’re new to this type of product or an experienced vaper, we
have something for everybody.
A sweet and sensual flavoured strawberry vape juice.
As in all our products, our Strawberry Vape Juice contains CBD which is C02 extracted. This
means the safest and most non-toxic products available. All you need to do is inhale the sensual
strawberry flavour to get a hit of CBD when you need it. This particular vape juice has a ratio of
PG 70/30
Along with strawberry, it’s available in a range of other flavours and strengths. No matter your
tastes, you can find one which tantalises your taste buds while offering that instant hit of CBD.
Other flavours include blackjack, lemon, passion fruit, cherry, blackcurrant and blackberry.
We promise the most quality full-spectrum products at competitive prices.
Why not our collection of vape juice today?